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Studio sponsored by Salesforce

14 weeks, Spring 2021



Songyuan Han

_Industrial Design, Environmental Design


_My role

UI/UX, User Research, Visual identity, 

Strategy, Storyboard 

Reimagine Dreamforce is a studio project sponsored by Salesforce Company. 

The project goal is to help Dreamforce become a hybrid tech conference that offers customized exploration, collective innovation and casual networking for executives, professionals, and trailblazers.

What is Dreamforce?

Hosted by Salesforce in San Fransisco, Dreamforce is an annual global tech conference  which  provides  a platform for the tech giant to launch its new product features, educate its business customers, and build business relationships.

Why  do people go to  trade show?

Fostering Solution

Gathering Information

Determining Value

How do attendees   feel at the trade show?




Customized Exploration 

Collective Innovation

Casual Networking

How can Dreamforce set itself apart 
from common trade shows?

Casual Networking

Reimagination  of Dreamforce

Dreamforce provides a series of personalized, exciting 
and relaxing event experiences by offering customized exploration, collective innovation and casual
networking to set Salesforce and its 
customers up for success. 

Customized Exploration

Collective Innovation

Introducing our design.

Trial Pass

Aromatic Wooden pendant 
with NFC inside to activate the 
Dreamforce App and more 
interactions at the venue

.Before the Event.

Received a mail

One day, 
Kiara received a mail from  Salesforce.
She is about to  find out what it is.

"Trial Pass"

Opening the envelope, 
Kiara found the trial pass  which is a wooden pendant with the mascot "Astro" on it. 

Get connected 

Noticing the NFC icon on the 
back, Kiara tapped with curiosity. 
And following the pop up, she downloaded the Dreamforce App.

Event preview

She adjusted the preference 
setting in the app and found out exhibitions that she interested in. 
She decided to pay a visit.

Forest scents

Based in Portland, Kiara want to 
take a road trip to the venue in San Francisco. On the way, she hung the 
"Trail Pass" in her car as an air freshener. 

.During the Event.


Explore our Venue!

360 Show



.During the Event.

Check in

On the  day,
Kiara wears the "Trial Pass" as a necklace,
and used it as a ticket to enter the Dreamforce Venue.

360 Show

Guided by the app,
She learnt about technologies from the most innovative companies    and the success stories with Salesforce.


Kiara found out a feature development competition is going on. She voted for her favorite team to inform Salesforce the features she wishes to have. 

Explore the forest

As she walked up the mountain, 
Kiara enjoyed the forest, learnt plant species, and collected branches from  trees in the Dreamforce app.

Lighting up campfire

As she reached the campground on  the top of the mountain, she lighted up the digital campfires with other goers by throwing the  "brunches" she collected.


Kiara shares the same believe about  sales cloud with Yifei (another goer). 
She added him into her friend-list simply by tapping his "Trial Pass".

.After the Event.

Keep in touch

Even after Kiara and Yifei left the 
event venue, they kept in touch, collaborated on projects and 
expanded each others network.

Future thoughts

Kiara put the "Trail Pass" on her 
office table. Every time she saw it,  she remembered the Salesforce products and the connections  she formed at Dreamforce.

Dreamforce App

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