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A new Visual Identity + Packaging System for Japanese Ninja Toy Collection

- to bring Japanese Ninja culture beyond the boundary,

and add  collectable features  & cultural context.



Branding Identity

Physical  Interaction


Personal Project


12  weeks, 2020

"Introduce Ninja culture to the world"

A ninja was a covert agent or mercenary in ancient Japan. The culture context has been used on    many Japanese comics and   movies.

Japanese culture lovers and many other people  around the world are interested in collecting Ninja  toys  and costumes, and keep them as their collections. 

"Ninja toys   can be kept as permanent collections."

Current  Packagings, mainly made by plastic and foam, are not sustainable, and contains very few meaningful &   cultural context.

This Ninja Collection Packaging is designed for  being sold  at  Getty Meow Japanese Museum

Logo Ideation

Exploring graphic language through sketching

Finalized Graphics

New Packaging

Konki at ArtCenter Williamson Gallery 

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