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Studio sponsored by Newell

14 weeks, Spring 2020



Vivian Chen,  Micheal Chu,  Connie Zhou

_My role

UI/UX, User Research, Visual identity,

Graphics, Packaging

Reimagine  Expo is a  studio  project sponsored  by Newell,  the goal is to help Newell's writing brand EXPO   transform into a more sustainable future. 

The complete project is made up with three concepts,

Expo Pro,   Expo Collective, and Expo Remote.

Current Expo Package

After assembling, we found that current Packaging is  not sustainable. 

"Sustainable is no longer a choice, it's a necessity" 

Sustainability Strategies

Design & Branding   Strategies

Introducing brand sustainable and creative Expo...


EXPO Collective

EXPO Remote

Web page